Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Considering getting a tubal ligation

I've been considering getting a tubal ligation for about 12 years, but when I think about actually starting the process and making an appointment, I hesitate. I know I never want to have kids, but the permanence of having my tubes tied makes me hesitate. It doesn't make any sense.
I've been thinking about it today, and even if I had a kid now, (I'd be 35 when the baby was born) I would be 58 when they graduated from high school. I would probably be at least 60 before they moved out of the house. That means that the best years of my life would be gone - devoted to changing diapers, potty training, dealing with temper tantrums, piles and piles of laundry, after school activities, homework, etc. etc. etc. Not to mention all of my disposable income would be gone. I'd never be able to go anywhere unless I either take the kid with me, find a babysitter, or don't go.
I don't want to be tied down like that.

A couple of years ago, I told myself that if I still haven't changed my mind by the time I'm 35, I'll get my tubes tied. Maybe in 3 months when I turn 35 (lol), I won't be so hesitant.

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